About APG

Temporary Modular, Mining & Remote Accommodation Services – About APG

Asea Pacific Group is a subsidiary of GCC Services, itself a part of Agility Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply service corporations.  We are a company of many cultures joined by a shared dedication to providing superior, customised operations support and solutions.

We provides various accommodation operations like mining accommodation, temporary accommodations, modular accommodation, remote accommodation services etc.

Since GCC was founded in 1986, the hallmark of it’s success has been in identifying emerging markets, going into areas at the forefront of developing activities and providing customised remote accommodation operations, construction, personnel support, labour and procurement services to our international clients.

Our name may be new to you, but with our origins in the Middle East dating back to 1955, we are part of one of the most experienced support services companies in the world.

GCC’s experience in the field of integrated remote site services compliments our own service delivery and allows Asea Pacific Group to provide proven systems, extensive logistics networks and technical support.

Asea Pacific Group enjoys the full technical and financial support of its affiliated companies, we have, at our disposal, the full range of support from construction, refrigeration, storage and logistics, catering and management to labour sourcing and finance.