The APG Difference

As our company has evolved, we have grown to be of world-class standard not simply through our commitment to exceptional service quality, but by continually listening to, and working with, our clients to provide the most effective solutions possible.

Evaluating and assessing client’s requirements and expectations is a continuous process as we continually strive towards our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

We have a proven track record of:

  • Excellence in industrial construction, engineering, catering and facility services
  • Innovation
  • Expedience in delivery of our “turn key projects” from signing to handover
  • Cost effectiveness, natural resources; and
  • Social viability by favouring local and national business opportunities where possible.

Asea Pacific Group has acquired these attributes through our pool of experienced, highly qualified, staff, suppliers and subcontractors.  Our workforce is lead by highly skilled and experienced team leaders and managers.  They utilise the most efficient management techniques, always maintaining a thoroughly trained and motivated workforce, which is willing and ready to take on new challenges anywhere in the world.

We attribute our success to the dedication of our employees, our sound business philosophy, and our commitment to providing the highest level of services and products.

Asea Pacific Group’s experience under extreme conditions, including geographic, cultural and organisational constraints, and our multi servicing offering contribute to ensuring successful client operations.